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What is Realtor Rewards

How many times have your thought, "I need a new way to incentivize my realtors..."? Are you looking for something to set your new home builder business separate from your competition? Want something to help enhance your Realtor/Builder partnership? Well, look no further!

Realtor Rewards is a platform that offers your realtors and staff a truly awesome experience, from any device. Realtor Rewards is an application that allows easy realtor points tracking for any list of incentives to motivate your realtors. With your purchase of this product, you will be able to forget about hassling with a stubborn spreadsheet or lost information and focus on more important business needs! Realtor Rewards is the incentive coordinator you always wanted!

How it works

1: Create an Account

In order to better serve you, we need a few small details about your company. This will be accomplished through the answering of a few simple questions.

2: Reward With Points

Once we have your company profile started, we can get started working on your rewards system. We can offer you options for your sales to submit activities on behalf of realtors for points and the manager will have an opportunity to approve, deny, or delete points.

3. Relax

No more manually tracking points for each realtor or passing a spreadsheet around the office. Realtor Rewards tracks all the points and you can run the report to get a full run down or just check an individuals points.

Access Anywhere

Regardless of what phone you have or computer you use, Realtor Rewards has you covered. Realtor Rewards works on all broswers and we even have an easy to use app. Go ahead login and use Realtor Rewards anywhere.

Awesome Features

Peace of Mind

We built Realtor Rewards with one goal, an easy to use interface for both companies and realtors. That’s why whether on the go or at your desk, Realtor Rewards is at your fingertips.

Save Time

Don't waste time with cumbersome spreadsheets or papers to keep track of reward standings, reduce the time necessary to calculate rewards for each realtor and let Realtor Rewards do the heavy lifting.

Made to Order

Realtor Rewards is completely customizable, you can brand the in-app user experience along with the rewards that match your company’s needs and many other options.


Send notifications to a certain group or everyone at once, with Realtor Rewards you can push important information to the exact ones you want.

Industry Leading Standards

You can rest assured that all your data is safe and backed up with industry leading technologies implementing 256-bit encryption.

User Support

We try our best to deliver world class software that will leave you impressed. If, by accident, you come across something that doesn’t meet your expectations, we are ready to work for you!

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Try Realtor Rewards free for 2 months.